I have been working according to the 5 Currencies principles since I discovered them in 2011.

The 5 Currencies are; Time, Knowledge, Reputation, Contacts and Money

The main principle is that when you invest your Time building your Knowledge, Reputation and Contacts, the Money comes in without ever going looking for it.

This has worked for me and I asked friends over at MyBlogU.com whether the same logic applied to their online work as well.

People were asked to read these 2 posts on this site; Trading Time for Money and How to Make Money without a Job.

They were then asked to answer the question below.


A. David Leonhardt (President, THGM Writers)

My experience is similar to yours.  Helping other people with advice and ideas, and sharing other people’s posts on social media, have built me both contacts and a reputation.  Although a lot of my business comes through search engines, a lot also comes from people I network with and help whenever I can. And a lot comes from my own clients, either referrals or repeat business – first-hand reputation. [click to continue…]


I have great ideas, but not as many as a village can generate.

Everyone in the Internet village is busy on their own stuff. We are all locked inside our own heads with only our fingers to communicate.

Where is Internet heaven? Where do even the busiest people find the time for a few words? Where is this perfect friendly community, whose members help each other every day?

Are there really people like that online?

Internet [click to continue…]


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Anything worthwhile requires effort. This is not going to be simple or easy. I earn a full time income online. It took me 3 years and I had to put in a lot of time and effort. You will need to do the same. Time Every day you have 24 hours to invest. How much […]

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January 5, 2015Time/Money Conversion

Effective time management is very key in my life.  It is right up there with the importance of quality.  While I recognise that it is not a top priority for everyone, it seems that some time management is helpful even in the most basic of situations and lifestyles. The Process Understanding where “process” plays into […]

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