I have great ideas, but not as many as a village can generate.

Everyone in the Internet village is busy on their own stuff. We are all locked inside our own heads with only our fingers to communicate.

Where is Internet heaven? Where do even the busiest people find the time for a few words? Where is this perfect friendly community, whose members help each other every day?

Are there really people like that online?

Internet village

MyBlogU.com is the Internet Heaven where people are altruistic and helpful. If you have become cynical, try it – It is free.

Paying It Forward

MyBlogU.com is nearly a year old, still a toddler, but with a mind of its own. MBU does things differently.

This is a community of people who love to help one another.

There is no hierarchy. Your honest opinion and help are just as much appreciated as someone who has been around the block more than a few times. The people who make lasting contacts are those who establish their reputation as being helpful before they start asking favours.

Starting at MyBlogU

The forum is very relaxed and totally welcoming.

Brainstorm requests ask for free-form responses with no minimum length. They are literally brainstorms. I have given 4 word answers and I have given 200 word answers. People appreciate any input you are willing to give.

It is best to use the TWchat app for the Twitter chat because it organises the tweets in a very user-friendly way. This is a great way to meet people and to grow your reputation.

Brainstorm Heaven

The next step is to set up your own brainstorm request. You have to register your site before you can do this, but that is a simple process if you follow the step-by-step instructions.


Brainstorm Examples

I have personally used brainstorms to:

  • Generate ideas for blog posts – eg Why Do You Like Paris
  • Choose a web host
  • Discuss Google hangouts on air
  • Ask for e-book reviews
  • Research monetisation methods for a new blog
  • Find a good pop-up plugin
  • Find images that correspond to a difficult concept

In the most recent example I was looking for a picture to illustrate the concept of Reputation. Ideas I received included; glass, the Rock of Gibralter, speech bubbles, a mirror, a parking meter and a smiling face. One person sent me a series of questions to work through which sparked me off again to come up with an oak tree.

I have seen and contributed to brainstorms looking for input on:

  • An e-book concept
  • E-book title
  • Blog post ideas
  • Productivity tips
  • Photography tips
  • Image sharing
  • Coffee
  • Website security
  • Email engagement

And many more.

Brainstorms can be on anything.

I would especially like to thank the MBU members who contributed their ideas for my Reputation brainstorms: fogbutton, Amabaie, Steve Counsell, Tat, PatriciaWeber, AnnaFox, Dangerous Lee, Phatinnovator and MediaWyse.

Please use the comment box below to share your own brainstorming experiences at MyBlogU.com or elsewhere. 


Anything worthwhile requires effort. This is not going to be simple or easy.

I earn a full time income online. It took me 3 years and I had to put in a lot of time and effort. You will need to do the same.

investing time

Time investment Scapple plan


Every day you have 24 hours to invest. How much of your 24 hours do you invest in your future?

Most people “pass the time” or waste it playing games, watching TV or mindlessly browsing social media rather than investing it in their future.

Nobody can use every minute of their 24 hours constructively. Sleep and rest are important but you can use almost certainly use more of your time than you do now.

Investing Yor Time

I think of Time as a currency. I cannot put it in the bank though, so I have to spend it. Every day I choose how I spend every minute of my day. I do have down-time, but I take it at the end of my day when my brain can no longer function usefully.

Know Your Body

Everyone has some times of the day when they are most efficient. It is vital to put those times to good use.

The 80/20 rule has amazing implications. You achieve 80% of your day’s work in 20% of the time you are working. You know when your most efficient 2 hours are in your day, when are at your best. You owe it to yourself to spend that time reading and absorbing new ideas rather than answering emails or on Twitter.

Know Yourself

To thine own self be true.

You will achieve results faster if you understand your purpose in life.

As an employee your main purpose may be to get through your day and bring in the cash at the end of the week or month.

Working for yourself allows you to have a purpose in life. It can give your life meaning. Your purpose might be to get rich, but you need more than that. Money is important only because of what you can do with it. What will you do with what you earn?

If you have your immediate money needs taken care of, what else drives you to work hard?

Some people are driven by the need to help others, some by the need to acquire more knowledge. Some people live to teach others and to pass on their knowledge.

Every successful person has an altruistic drive alongside their selfish one. The sooner you work out your own altruistic raison d’être the more efficient your efforts will be.

Choosing Your Time Investments

You MUST invest 24 hours of time every day.

You will invest time in yourself as exercise, rest and sleep.

You will invest some time in acquiring knowledge that you will be able to use. If you are totally new to the concept of working online then you need to read a lot of basic materials. Meshing new ideas into the knowledge you already have takes time and there is no way you can rush your brain.

Keep your altruistic purpose at the front of your mind and focus on the knowledge you need to achieve that purpose.

My own altruistic purpose is to pass on my knowledge to as many people as possible. In order to do this I have worked to become a better write; I learned HTML, learned how to set up a WordPress website and about web hosting. I understand how social media works and the power of contacts. I spent weeks learning how to set up a membership site and months writing ebooks.

A good grounding in all of these fields is essential to enable me to pass on my knowledge in other areas.

Reading, listening and discussing are the main ways you should be investing your time.

Read widely in areas outside your immediate area of expertise because it is the interlinking of different areas of knowledge that will make your own knowledge unique. I think of reading as listening to the writer, but listen to people around you to learn what they need and how you can improve their lives. Discussion takes place on blog posts, newspaper articles and social media sites, but make sure you have enough knowledge to make a meaningful contribution before you join in.

Making a Start

All the low-level knowledge you need is available for free. Lock your wallet away. Avoid signing up for email courses and just absorb what you need from websites you find in search engines.

Make a chart or use a spreadsheet to break down your target. I use both and have 10 daily areas I need to work on in a spreadsheet that I fill in every day.

Over to You

What is your altruistic purpose? Could you invest your time better? Please share your thoughts using the comments box below.


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