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Online Jobs You Can Do from Home Today — Time Money Problem

Online Jobs You Can Do from Home Today

Sunday, 7 April, 2013

in Online Jobs

There are dozens of online jobs you can do from home today. You never need to pay out money to anyone, all are true self-employment ideas that you can turn into a job that pays you a living wage.

Honest to Goodness Online Jobs You Can Do from Home

Sometimes people are overly negative about earning money online. There are honest jobs that you can do online much more easily than you can do off-line. Stay away from all the MLM and Internet marketing hype and you can earn a good living from a real job that provides a real service. The only requirements are a computer and an Internet connection. If you are serious about success then you also need a dedicated room to use as a home office.

WriterOnline jobs you can do from home - writing

There are many ways to earn a living as a writer. This is one of the classic online jobs you can do from home today.

There are freelancing opportunities such as oDesk.com or Freelancer.com as well as opportunities to write for your own portfolio at revenue-sharing sites like InfoBarrel.com. This is the most common way that people earn money online from home.

Read more about how to make money writing online content.


Most bloggers do not make money, and this is not an easy path. Most writers set up a blog as a long-term plan that runs alongside their day to day earnings plan. Setting up a blog can be done for free, but it is better to pay for hosting and to get a proper domain name, this will cost you about $80 a year, so it won’t break the bank.


Anyone who writes quickly makes mistakes, writing jobs pay poorly, so people type quickly and their work always needs editing. The companies who commission articles also outsource the editing. You need perfect written English and you need to be a native UK or US English speaker. It is just a matter of making contacts.

Read more about how to set up a proofreading and editing service.

Online jobs you can do from home - graphic designerGraphic Designer

Websites are visual and site-owners need graphics. If you can provide what is needed at a reasonable cost then you do not need paper qualifications.

If you can use industry standard software like Photoshop then this is something that you can start now and have work in a few hours’ time.

Website Designer

This is one of the obvious online jobs you can do from home, but there is massive competition from designers in developing countries who can work for a fraction of the US or UK wage because their living costs are so low. If you have web design skills then offer them, but this is best done as a sideline to your main business.


There are ways to make money with photographs, but to sell pics to the big photo websites they need to be professional quality. These sites have so many people sending them photos that they can afford to be very choosy.


There are sites where you can be paid 5o cents to complete a very simple task. It is hard to make a living with these sites, but it is an option that will make you money if you are struggling with some of the more profitable ideas here.

The sort of jobs include writing 25 word product descriptions, reading blog posts and leaving a comment, photo tagging and data cleanup tasks. Amazon’s Mechanical Turk program is one of the largest micro-working sites.

Virtual Assistant (VA)

Most people cannot afford a real-life assistant, but can afford a virtual one. A virtual assistant is one of those online jobs you can do from home today, as long as you have broadband Internet, excellent English and Microsoft Office on your computer you will find work on oDesk and similar sites.

Your work will often involve writing, editing and posting blog posts, so it helps if you are familiar with the WordPress interface. You are only paid for the hours you work and you do need to be available when your employer is online, so working across multiple time zones is difficult.


One to one tuition used to mean going to your students’ homes, a time consuming and expensive process. Now Google Hangouts allow you to work from home. There are other video-conferencing options available, too. Payment can be arranged through PayPal, which allows you to accept credit card payments, too.

Marketing is the biggie here. You can use your traditional off-line marketing methods, alongside your own website to attract clients. Teaching groups of students is harder work, but earns you more per hour.


The Internet is international and web users speak every language there is. Automatic translation software is a joke. If someone has top quality content that they want to present to someone in another  language then they have to pay a translator to do it. The job pays well, but you are limited to what one person can earn per hour because sub-contracting does not work well in this field.

Social Media GuruOnline jobs you can do from home - social media guru

If you know your way around Twitter, Facebook, StumbleUpon and all the rest then you can make a job out of it. Many bloggers and businesses do not want to do their own tweeting and are happy to pay someone to do it.

There is a knack to engaging with people through social media and not everyone has it.

Search Engine Evaluator

You can work for Google, Bing or Yahoo from home, testing search engine results for relevancy and quality. All the big search engines use computers to rank sites in their results, but they need to check how humans see sites as well. The pay is around $15 an hour, so you are not going to get rich, but your only expenses are your electricity and your broadband bill.

Virtual Juror

There are sites that pay you to evaluate written submissions in real life cases that have yet to come to court. The verdicts are used to negotiate out of court settlements. In some cases the virtual verdict helps attorneys to decide whether to proceed with the case.

Pay is roughly $10 an hour and this is never going to be a full-time job because in most areas you will only average one case each week.

Website Testing

You can earn around $30 an hour test-driving websites. This is open to people in the USA, UK and Canada. Website developers pay a company to recruit real people to test out their website. Your activity on their site is recorded and you speak into a microphone as you browse to record your verbal impressions. Each site pays around $10 and takes 15-20 minutes.


Whatever job you plan to do you will need a website if you are ever to get away from working for cheap freelancing sites. There are three parts to getting a website; buying a domain name, buying hosting and setting it all up. If you buy your domain name and hosting through my referral link I will set it up for you for free. Click this link to find out more about free website setup.

That’s It

Most of these are potential full time online jobs you can do from home. All are real jobs and pay real money.

Mechanical Turk

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