Your Pet Sitting Business – Getting Started

A pet sitting business is a great idea for anyone who loves animals. As more and more families have both parents working they have less and less time to care for their pets. Your pet sitting business will include walking dogs, visiting pets that are left alone all day and staying with pets while their owners are away on vacation.

What Does a Pet Sitter Do?

Pet sitting involves walking dogs, feeding birds, playing with kittens, staying with pets while their owners are away and scooping poop. It is up to you what services you offer.

Usually you will start off doing small jobs like walking dogs and checking on animals during the day. You need to build trust with your clients before they will ask you to stay in their home with their pet while they are abroad.

You will be looking after pets of all descriptions from goldfish to parakeets and from snakes to horses, so be sure to expect the unexpected at all times.

Pet Sitting Business – Legal Necessities

Dogs in particular can cause a lot of damage to people and property, so every pet sitting business needs to have insurance as well as properly drawn up legal contracts. This is what separates the well-run professional business from the teenager who walks a few dogs.

female pet sitting business owner with dogYou will need to check whether you need a business license because this varies according to where you live. In the United States check what you need at the Small Business Administration Site.

You will also need a business name and a logo. For your business name think *original*, search for your preferred name online to check whether any other nearby business already uses that name. Try to get your city into the business name  because people search for dog sitting services + city name.

Your logo needs to be original, pay a graphic designer to do it because it is going to be the image of your business. It needs to be professional looking rather than just a free one comes with Microsoft Publisher.

Marketing Your Pet Sitting Business

Flyers are the lowest cost way to attract interest in your service. Print them on colored paper and include your photograph with various animals. Walk around your target area and put a flyer in every mailbox.

Have some tee-shirts and sweatshirts printed with your logo, make sure to include your business phone number as part
of your design. Give your company tee-shirts to friends and relatives and ask them to wear them around town.

There are various databases of pet sitters where you can register for a fee. It is probably better to set up your own website before you start paying out money to third party organizations. Building your own site is much easier than most people think, and you can do it for free. People expect even the smallest business to have a website nowadays and it should bring you a lot of business.

Small Business Administration Site

Domestic House Cleaning Jobs – Starting Your Own Business

Domestic house cleaning jobs are available in every town and city in the country. This is a job that anyone can do, male or female, old or young.

Setting Up Your Domestic House Cleaning Jobs Service

House cleaning does not pay well. If you are working on your own, by yourself, then you are never going to make a comfortable living from your business. You need to employ other people and to establish a reputation if you are to succeed.

Employing other people is a big commitment that many people who are just starting a business are reluctant to commit to. It is best to test the waters first.Domestic House Cleaning Jobs - cleaner with van

  • Advertize your house cleaning services
  • Be prepared to do the domestic house cleaning jobs yourself
  • Call on family members to help if you have enough business
  • Advertize for employees

Legal Stuff

If you are employing people then you need an accountant and an attorney. Do not try to manage without these two professionals or your domestic house cleaning jobs service will die an early death.


The accountant will make your payroll tasks manageable. He will advise whether or when you should form a company and help with taxes. If you try to do all this yourself then your energies and time will be diverted away from the day to day tasks of growing your business.


The attorney will advise on contracts and conditions of employment. It is his job to keep you in compliance with all local laws. Having an attorney on board with your business will save you money and stress in the long run.

Marketing Your Services

Your prime marketing method is the lettering on the side of your van. You must have a van. Buy a used one because your customers do not want to see you getting rich from what they are paying you. Choose a white van and always keep it perfectly clean because nobody will pay you to do domestic house cleaning jobs if you cannot even keep your van clean.

Buy business cards, with personalized ones for each employee. Have your employees leave one of their cards every time they do a job. This encourages accountability.

Quality Control

Your business depends on how good a job your employees do and how honest they are. You need to keep a check on every employee. Set up test jobs with friends, where you offer to clean their home for free. Get the house key in advance and check what needs to be done. Leave money in a few obvious and hidden places. When your employee has finished, go back and check on how well the cleaning was done and that your money is still where you left it.

Getting people to pass on your name to friends and neighbors depends on your company reputation. Look after it, because once lost, you can never get it back.

Having an attorney

Yard Work Jobs – How to Set Yourself Up

Yard work jobs are always there, 365 days of the year. This is not just a summer job, though there is more to do over the summer. People need their leaves swept up in October, their snow cleared in January and new shrubs planted in March. Yard work jobs are about much more than cutting the lawn.

Yard Work Jobs – Getting Started

Almost every area can provide work for a gardener. Keeping a yard tidy is time-consuming and not something that everyone enjoys doing. Most people enjoy looking at their yard, but do not want all the work involved in keeping it looking beautiful.

This is your opportunity, as long as you are prepared to get dirty and to work in all weathers. Young people often offer a lawn-mowing service over the summer to try to earn pocket money, but to make a job of it and provide a secure income you need to be willing to work all year round.

Tools You Need to Have

  • lawnmower
  • strimmer
  • rake
  • grass rake
  • garden spade
  • garden fork
  • shovel
  • Dutch hoe
  • sheers
  • pruners
  • pruning saw
  • brush
  • trowel

Even basic yard work jobs will need these tools. There are other tools you can add at a later date like hedge trimmers, a chain saw and a leaf blower. These are all more expensive so wait until you have a  definite need for them before laying out the cash.

mowing the lawnMarketing

Once people see you are offering a yard work service your phone will be hopping. It’s just getting the word out there in the first place.

Yard work jobs do not pay well, so you need to keep a tight lid on your marketing spend. Start by printing flyers on colored paper, include photos showing you doing various jobs because a picture really is worth a thousand words and you will get a better response with images than just with a text-only flyer. Walk around your target neighborhood and deliver your flyers to every home and business.

Real world jobs, yard work in the orchard

Make up a plywood sign that you can stick in the ground wherever you are working. Just put your name, Yard Work and your phone number. If you have a trailer then attach advertizing boards to it in the same way. Do these ads carefully because you need to let people know that you are a clean and tidy worker.

 Work Diary

Hopefully you will soon be snowed under with yard work job for scores of clients. You need to set up a work diary to manage your different customers. This will help you to reduce travel time between jobs to the minimum and to ensure that you never miss an appointment. Total, 100% reliability is essential, because your aim is to establish a good reputation and repeat customers.


Gardener Girl In Orange Garden Stock Photo By Sura Nualpradid/