The Secret to Business Success – 4 Ideas More Important than Money

Are you in business to make money? Most of us are.

Do you spend all your time thinking up new ways to make money? Stop!

There’s a better way.

Money is the final stage in a process whereby you have to find a need and come up with a a way to satisfy it.

Idea 1 – Stop Thinking about Money

We all need cash, but thinking about getting it is counter-productive in the long run. Nobody likes to give their hard-earned cash to somebody who they see as a smash and grab guy. Most people are happy to reward you for effort and a good job or product.

Think about your service or product from the customer’s perspective:

  • Does it make the customer’s life easier?
  • Does it solve your customer’s problem?
  • Does it make your client smile?

If you can answer ‘Yes’ to these three questions then your business will succeed. Your customer will be happy to pay you because he or she is happier as a result of what you have supplied.

Idea 2 – Start Thinking about Helping People

Help people at every opportunity. Don’t wait for a chance to make money by helping them. We all have long memories and most people will feel a sense of obligation to someone who has helped them for no reward. You will get your reward at some point, but today just think about how you can make life better for the people you meet in your business as well as in your personal life.

Every time you help someone you are building your Reputation and Contacts, two of the pre-requisites to persuading people to buy from you.

Every time you use your brain and ingenuity to solve a problem you are increasing your Knowledge.

If you invest your Time in growing your Knowledge, developing your Reputation and Growing your Contact list then Money will automatically follow; every time.

Idea 3 – Discover What People Need

How do you know what help people need? You listen to them.

Listen to friends, family and everyone you meet. In today’s connected world, listen to your online contacts, too. Join G+ communities and read, make helpful comments when you can, but most of all look for problems that people have. If you can come up with a few solutions to people’s problems then you have a business.

Your business should react to and solve the problems that people have. If you can solve their problems in a new way then your business has a chance. Try to think outside the box. Brainstorming with a partner is often more successful than trying to brainstorm on your own. The two of you will see more possibilities in each idea that you come up with.


Idea 4 – The Power of Love

Spread a little kindness. You will be amazed at the results.

Nobody expects kindness and you can make people very happy by simple actions. Just smiling at people and talking with them as people rather than as customers will have an enormous impact on your business.

There are two hardware shops in my local town; both are small family-run businesses.

One has surly staff members who never give you the time of day, not even the faintest glimmer of a smile. The other employs people who rush to open the door for you and talk to you because they are really interested in you. There is no pretence, they really are interested; they remember your name, ask after your health and remember what you bought last time.

Which shop would you rather spend your money in?

If you employ staff be careful to choose people who are genuinely interested in other people and treat them well. If your employees are unhappy with the way you treat them then they will come across to customers as happy.

Treat your staff well or you end up with surly employees who make customers unhappy just by looking at them.

Make People Happy

Be happy in what you do. Happiness spreads like wildfire.

If you are thinking or worrying about money then it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy – If you make your potential customers miserable they will want to get away from you as quickly as they can. If customers are happy they are much more likely to buy from your business.

If your customers are happy then they will talk to you, you can find out what problems they have. This gives you the opportunity to help them and come up with solutions to their problems, solutions that will drive your business success.