Luck – Take Control and Make Your Own Luck

Have you had a bad day?

Are you feeling down in the dumps?

Do you feel like other people have all the luck?

I’ve been there, I know how you feel, but I have found a solution. I make my own luck.

How Do You Get Lucky?

We all make our own luck all the time. If we are negative we attract bad luck. If we are positive we attract good luck. I

lucky crossed fingers

know it is very difficult to be positive when all kinds of unfortunate things are happening in your life but if you want to change your luck that’s what you have to do.

What is Luck?

Random events happen to everyone, but most are not really random. Events happen as a result of something you have done.

I hear people talk about good luck in avoiding car accidents.

It’s not good luck but high-level driving skills that allow the driver to anticipate what other road users might do. It is about reading the road ahead and setting up the car for the safest route through a bend. It is about having good tyres and a well-maintained vehicle. It is about concentration, never using the phone, never driving after drinking alcohol and not playing loud music while you are driving. None of that is luck.

The only bad luck I can imagine happening to a driver is if lightning strikes his car or if a bridge suddenly collapses in an earthquake.

What about other aspects of life? The same principles apply. You can control many aspects of your life that people think are random. If you want to be in the right place at the right time you need to put yourself out there; if you are in enough places then one of them is going to turn out to be at the right time.

How Do You Make Your Own Luck?

You make the right decisions. If you realise you have made a bad decision you undo it as far as you can and start afresh. None of us get things right first time every time, but you can do better second time around.

Talk to People

Luck often involves talking to the right people. That is only going to happen if you talk to lots of people; some of them will make good things happen for you. If you do not talk to people then why should any of them help you in any way?

Help People

I would go further and say that you need to help others, to pay it forward. Where’s the logic in that, you ask? I think it just makes you a better person, someone who is less wrapped up in himself and who others will see as being someone to associate with.

Lucky people all live like this; if you want to attract good luck then you must live by the same rules.

Make the Right Choices

Use your time wisely, constructively. There is a massive amount of knowledge out there that you need to learn. This is just as important as getting out there and meeting people.

Rather than reading a magazine or newspaper try downloading a self-improvement book or talking to the people around you.

Rather than updating your Facebook status take notice of the things that are happening all around you, the things you miss because you are engrossed in your online “social life”.

Rather than watching soap operas on television log on to or for inspiring videos and stories.

luck man silhouetted against the sky
Make your own luck

Take Control of Your Luck

You will always have good luck and bad luck. The thing is to grasp every element of good luck and make the most of it, use it to increase the likelihood of more good things happening. When bad luck happens just shrug it off and move on.

How Lucky Am I?

I count myself as lucky enough. I lost my job in 2010 and now realise that was the best thing that could have happened to me. I have grown mentally since being forced to generate my own income. I have networked and helped people and my life is richer for having met those people. Every penny I have earned in the past four years has come from people I have met online, people I have helped.

How Lucky Are You?

Are you ready to take control of Lady Luck, to increase the probability of good things happening in your life?

You have made a start by reading this. The next step is up to you. Can you change your unlucky habits and learn new, lucky ones?

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Phil Turner is a writer from Cork in Ireland. He helps people to improve their lives and to realise their entrepreneurial dreams.

Phil organises conferences and seminars where he helps participants to change their dreams of a better life into reality. Follow Phil on Twitter @Philtrate and on Google G+.