Reputation Management – The Key to Success

Reputation – Guard it with your life. Your life, friends, contacts, income all depend on your rep. Reputation management is essential. It is more important now than ever before.  Large companies employ staff to watch over their precious reputation. That gives you some idea of how much financial value is attached to it.

Reputation Management is Essential

The Internet is a wonderful thing. It can make you or break you.

Your website gives you access to billions of people  world-wide, giving you many more customers. Social media sites allow people to talk about you. So far, so good. But, what happens when someone starts to bad-mouth you on Twitter? Do you even know about it? If you know then you can counter any bad news, but if you are not aware then your business could die overnight and you would never know why.

Reputation Management and You

Everyone has a reputation. It might not be something that you think about every day, but you have one. Increase your awareness and your reputation will grow.

Your reputation is how people perceive you and your business. If people think highly of you then you will get more business. Satisfied customers will spread the word about your services. They only spread the word slowly though.

Conversely if someone is unhappy with your business they will tell everyone immediately. Bad news is more interesting and travels much faster. One business/customer relationship gone bad can undo years of good customer relations.

There are 2 parts to reputation management; growing it and keeping it.

How to Grow Your Reputation

Every time you do a good job you earn a few more points for your rep. Every time you make someone feel good your rep grows. If you help people they will see you in a better light.

In the real world you need visibility. People see your van at a job and see the job later. If it’s a good job then they think well of you. You need tee-shirts with a logo for the same reason. Give your family company tee-shirts and sweatshirts to wear when they are out and about. It’s about raising awareness that you exist in the first instance.

reputation management - clean van

Keep your van clean and smile at everyone you meet. Raise your visibility and always do a g

reat job. Reputations grow slowly and it will take you time and effort. There is an awful lot of van-washing goes into that clean image.

Online your reputation is much harder to grow. People are more suspicious because they do not see the real person. Put a photo on your website to make it more personal. Add a personal blog link to your site so people can get to know you. Help people at every opportunity, even if it costs you time. Interact with people through comments on your website and on social media sites.

Protecting Your Reputation

All of your good work can be undone by one unhappy customer. Communicating with your customers is essential. If someone is unhappy then encourage him to talk to you. You have to give someone an outlet or they will vent on Twitter instead.

Knowledge is power. You need to know what is being said about you. Only then can you stop it spreading. The problem is cost. You can easily spend $500 a month with one of the better reputation management programs. Not many people want to spend that much, but you can find social media management software for much less.

Social media is where your business is in danger, so start with one of the free social media account managers and upgrade if you need to. is a good place to start. They have free accounts and the next step up is only $7.19 per month.

Chimney Sweep Business – A Guide

A chimney sweep business is a great one to set up. Your start up costs are minimal and there are millions of chimneys that all need sweeping every year.chimney sweep business - essential equipment, brushes

Starting Your Chimney Sweep Business

What Do you Need?

A set of chimney rods and a brush to screw on to one will cost you very little. The rods are like drain rods. You will need enough to reach the top of any chimney, each one is 1 metre long, so most house chimneys will take 8-10 rods. If you are cleaning chimneys on taller buildings you will need more rods. The rods all screw together just like drain rods.

You will need a vacuum cleaner to remove the soot and a plywood screen with a 6 inch hole cut in the middle. The screen will help to reduce the amount of dust flying around the room.

Soot contains all kinds of cancer-causing chemicals, so a dust mask is essential

Ladders and a van complete your kit.

What’s Involved?

You dismantle the fire grate, stick your brush up the chimney and  screw chimney rods on the end, while you keep pushing until you feel the brush moving freely because it is waving in the air.

Sometimes the chimney will be blocked with a bird’s nest. The easiest way to remove this is from the top of the chimney, using hooks to pull the bulk of the nesting materials out. You will need access ladders and roofing ladders as well as safety harnesses to work on the roof safely.

Some clients will ask you to use dust sheets. If you do a neat job then they are not necessary, but the client is always right, so invest in a few dozen large decorators’ heavy cotton dust sheets. These will not get dirty, so will not require washing very often.

Extra Services

If you have cleared out one birds’ nest then the customer will probably ask you to fit a chimney cowl to stop any future problems. If you always have a few in your van then you can fit these and earn good money for doing so.

Chimney inspections are another service that you can offer. Fibre optic lights and miniature cameras allow you to survey every inch of the chimney to check for cracks. Cracks could allow carbon monoxide to enter rooms and poison the inhabitants, so inspections are vital.

Seasonal Nature of Chimney Sweeping

Most people have their chimneys swept between late summer and early spring. For the remaining 6 months of the year your chimney sweep business can still earn money doing chimney inspections and fitting anti-bird chimney cowls.


Although anyone can stick a brush up a chimney you will need training in spotting chimney defects and to get insurance to cover you working on roofs.

The National Association of Chimney Sweeps offers training in the UK and the Chimney Safety Institute of America provide training for members. Join your local organisation and get certified.


If you do a good, clean job then people will ask you to come back. Nobody wants to take a chance on getting a new chimney sweep who might make  a lot more mess. You could offer reduced rates for people whose chimneys you sweep every year. This makes part of your income more reliable. You could do these chimneys over the summer when business is quiet.

Your van is a major part of your marketing. It needs to be clean and to have your name and phone numbers on the side. A clean, white or silver van gets the message across that you are a clean chimney sweep.

Chimney sweep business cards will help to spread your name around if you leave a few with each satisfied customer. A website costs a lot less to set up and update than expensive print advertising, and people will search for you using the Internet anyway.

National Association of Chimney Sweeps
Chimney Safety Institute of America

Make Money Writing Online Content – A 5 Step Plan

Millions of writers around the World make money writing online content articles for websites. There are writers of everymake money writing online content - your pen standard doing this, from people whose English makes me cringe to highly qualified graduates. Age is no barrier because I know writers in their teens and others who are over 70 years of age.



Where Do You Start?

Start your writing career by making a plan. This works, I know because I pay my mortgage with income I earn from article writing. It will work for you, if you work at it.

make money writing online content - not peanuts

Most online writers start working for PayPal payments per article completed.

Agencies pay writers peanuts and are best avoided.

Build your reputation and contact list and you can do much better on your own.

The 5 Step Plan to Make Money Writing Online Content

You need to learn your craft, build  your reputation and make contacts before you can earn money online. If you are serious then you also need a home office for your exclusive work-related use.

 Step 1 Learning Your Craft

Join InfoBarrel  (referral link) This site has an amazing forum where writers help each other and give positive criticism when asked. It is the place to learn about online writing. It is free to join and you get 75% of the money that ads embedded in your articles earn. You do not need an Adsense account or anything complicated. You just write.

You will find links to helpful search tools, keyword advice, keyword density information and help in choosing your writing subjects, all freely given. This is the place to get the knowledge that you need.

Step 2 Building Your Reputation

You need to establish yourself as a writer: InfoBarrel helps you to do this. You can enhance your reputation by active participation in the forum community; if you help others, they will continue to help you. You need to write articles on InfoBarrel and you need to set up your own sites as well.

make money writing online content - contacts are vitalStep 3 Growing Your Contact List

You will find the list of people you can count as online friends grows very quickly. Some will send you suggestions by Private Messages (PM). Other conversations happen in the public forum. This is a superb social networking site, though it is not called that.

Step 4 Setting Up Your Own Sites

You need more than one source of income if you want to make money writing online content. Articles on InfoBarrel will continue to earn you money for years after they are published, but you will want other income sources for security.

Setting up your own sites is simple. I know one guy on who makes hundreds of dollars a month with a free blogspot site. It’s ugly, but it earns him money. You can build as many sites as you want with a hosting subscription costing you less than $100 a year. That’s all I paid at first.

Set up sites around subjects that you love because you need to write a lot of content for them. You will also need to write guest posts at other related sites to get visitors and links back to your own site. Your content needs to be superb, so that people share it around their social networks.

Step 5 Earning Money

You already have a source of medium-term income in your InfoBarrel articles. Your own sites will give you additional income from ads. You will also find earning opportunities through contacts. Now you have established yourself there people will actually pay you up to $100 to write a 500 word blog post or article. That is 20 times what you will get from any freelancing site, and you know that every successful job grows your reputation and will bring in more offers of joint ventures, contract writing and other help.

You have used the 5 Currencies concept – Time, Knowledge, Reputation, Contacts, Money.

Individual Knowledge – Understand What You Have

In this Internet age people often say that unique, individual knowledge does not exist any more because everything is accessible on the Internet. It’s not – and here’s why.

Information Vs. Knowledge

Most of what you will find online is information, facts rather than knowledge.

Knowledge is the processing of information and putting it all together. Each person has a unique set of life experiences. Each one of us has learned different things. So each one of us has a unique perspective on life, unique knowledge.

Individual knowledge - thinking graphic

All Human Knowledge

Humans have progressed because we have found ways of passing on our knowledge.

If each generation had to learn everything from scratch we would still be living in caves and gathering berries for food.

The sum of all human knowledge has increased with every generation since the year dot.

Fathers passed on their knowledge in a trade to their sons. Mothers passed on knowledge about child-rearing to their daughters.

Nowadays we transfer information in schools and colleges. Understanding comes to students many years after formal education is finished. It takes years of experience before the facts we learn gain some context and become individual knowledge.

individual knowledge - idea conceptYour Individual Knowledge

I am an individual, so are you. We each have our own unique set of life experiences, so the knowledge that each of us has is unique. Some of that unique knowledge could be very useful to other people.

Are you going to let your unique insights and knowledge die when you die, or are you going to pass them on?

If you fail to pass on your unique and individual knowledge are you failing in your duty to mankind? It might be 100 years before your knowledge is rediscovered. It might never be rediscovered.

How Do You Pass On Your Unique KnowledgeIndividual knowledge - passing it on

You talk to people. You write it down or talk to as many people as you can about the important unique insights that you have gained in your life.

In these Internet days it is easier than ever to pass on your knowledge. You no longer need to find a publisher for your book or autobiography.

You can set up a website on for free. Some people will find it and read it even if you do nothing else. You can talk to people in forums. You can use Facebook and other social media sites to spread your individual knowledge far and wide.

It’s like a sycamore tree. Each year the tree produces millions of seeds, but only a few live to maturity. Otherwise the world would be over-run with sycamore trees.

You need to work hard to spread your special knowledge to as many people as possible. Most of them will never use it or pass it on any further. The few who do pass it on are the important ones. They give you a kind of immortality.

What’s the Point?

Apart from your duty to humanity to pass on your knowledge you might even make a bit of money, without even trying.

  1. You spend the time gaining and spreading your knowledge in forums and on your website or in ebooks
  2. Your reputation with your readers grows
  3. Some of your readers talk to you and become contacts
  4. Some of your contacts will pay you for your ideas

Time – Knowledge – Reputation – Contacts – Money

It’s the 5 Currencies again.

Trading Time for Money – How to Do It Better

Most people spend their lives trading time for money in a job. Most of us spend our lives looking for a job that gives us a better time:money conversion rate. If you hate your job you will have been tempted by all those emails about how you can get rich using the Internet. Forget them: they don’t work.Trading time for money - making money online

You can use the Internet to earn money, but you need to work at it and it takes time.

There are no magic bullet solutions.

Trading Time for Money – Indirect Conversion

The day job is a direct time/money conversion method. Your employer pays you x amount per hour or per month. If you are working online then a more indirect conversion works better.

The Know, Like, Trust Law

In the real world people only buy goods and services from people they like. It works the same online. I have seen it expressed as the Know, Like, Trust Law. People have to get to Know you as an individual, they have to Like what they see and eventually they come to Trust what you are telling them and might buy a product from you or through your website.

This means that you need to have a photo of you on your website, that you need to be open about who you are and what you do. Start a personal blog and link to it from every website and profile that you have. Let people get to know the real you.Trading time for money - time money balancing act

The 5 Currencies

Time – Knowledge – Reputation – Contacts – Money

Each day we need to take the Time payment of 24 hours and turn it into another kind of currency. Time cannot be stored, only converted. If you use your Time to grow your Knowledge, and grow your Reputation then you will make more Contacts and some of those contacts will turn into Money-earning opportunities.

The 5 Currencies and Me

I have seen the 5 Currencies principle work for me in my own work online.


When I first started to work online I joined because I liked the earning potential there. I knew a small bit about how to make money by writing online, but I learned more every day by talking to people in the forum on the site. Time – Knowledge

As I learned more I helped other newbies and passed on what Knowledge I had. People added me as an IB Friend and subscribed to my article feed and my Reputation grew. Time – Knowledge – Reputation

The number of people I knew on InfoBarrel grew every day. I still had to put the Time in of course. Time – Knowledge – Reputation – Contacts

After 6 months of daily active forum activity some of my Contacts offered me paid writing work. BINGO! Time – Knowledge – Reputation – Contacts – Money


This was a year later – I was ill during that year, so did not do much networking.

I started to use as a source of guest posts on my websites. At that time some of the posts I was offered were sub-standard. I told Ann Smarty, the site owner, about the problem and she offered me a paid job as a moderator.

The sequence here is less clear. The Time was what I put into trying to put the situation right, the Knowledge was my English writing and reading ability, the Reputation was the fact that I was being helpful with no immediate benefit in sight, the Contact was Ann, and the Money the regular amounts paid into my PayPal account ever since.

trading time for money - TimeUse Your Time Wisely

We all get 24 hours of Time every new day. Trading Time for Money directly is only possible with a paid job in the real world.

In the virtual world nobody is ever going to offer you a paid job unless you have a good reputation. On freelancing sites most employers are looking for people who have a high feedback score, where feedback equates to reputation.

Not every Contact will offer you a paid job but if you spend your Time talking to people and build your reputation then money will follow, automatically from some of your Contacts.

5 Currencies and You

Please share your own examples of the 5 Currencies and how the principle has helped you – Use the Comment Box below.

Starting a Tuition Business from Home – A Guide

Starting a tuition business is a great way for teachers to earn a large second income. I speak as someone who taught full-time and did 40 hours of tuition a week. It is rewarding work on a personal as well as financial level. You build up a relationship with each student as you help them to grasp difficult concepts.

Starting a Tuition Business – Pros and Cons


  • Pay is good
  • You can work evenings and weekends
  • You can run it alongside a teaching job
  • Emotionally rewarding
  • Expenses are low


  • It is tiring work
  • You can have weeks with zero free time
  • It is seasonal with very little work away from exam times
  • If you travel it is a lot of extra driving

Where to Start

Research the Competition

You need to know who your competing tutors are and how much they charge.You will find your competition by searching classified ads in local papers and by doing a search for eg History tuition + Your Town. Ring the phone numbers and ask as a potential client how much they charge.

Tuition Agencies

Some of the ads you find will be from agencies. If you work for an agency the agency takes a large cut and you earn less money. It is worth signing up to the best local agency in the off-season, when your diary is empty. When your diary fills up with your own clients then you can try to coax the agency clients into paying you directly. This is against every agency’s terms and some clients will report you to the agency, which will then terminate your contract.

Agencies are parasites, sucking away the money that you earn. Sign up for one when you are starting a tuition business, but move to your own clients as soon as you can. No good, experienced tutors work for agencies.


Finding your first 10 clients is the hardest part, which is why you should consider agency tuition when you start. You can run ads in your local free newspaper for a very low cost. To keep the cost down try putting them in for alternate weeks, Many people keep newspapers around the house for a few weeks and they will check old issues as well as the current one when they are looking for a tutor.

Print up business cards and give a few to your clients to help your word-of-mouth marketing along.

Your Place or Theirs?

This is the biggest decision you will have to make. If you use your own home you need a room, preferably downstairs that you can set up as a dedicated office to work in. If you travel to your clients you put extra miles on your car and lose time between clients. There are advantages to each and anyone who is starting a tuition business needs to decide which one suits them better. You cannot really mix the two models.

Most clients prefer tutors to visit them. The exception is music teaching, where instruments are bulky and parents expect this to take place in your studio.

How Much to Charge

Never compete on price. If you are good then people will pay a premium rate. You need to value yourself as highly as you want other people to value your help. There are very few good tutors in any one area, you will be the best; people expect to pay more for quality.

As a rule find out how much the agencies charge parents and add 20%. People will happily pay that for a superior tutor. You will have to pay tax remember, so you will lose half what you earn to the tax man.

tuition business

How to Make Money without a Job – New Thinking

Money makes the world go round, but there are 4 other currencies that are even more important than money. You need to get your head around this idea if you want to learn how to make money without a job.

The 5 CurrenciesHow to make money without a job - Time Money


  1. Time
  2. Knowledge
  3. Reputation
  4. Contacts
  5. Money

We all need Money to pay bills, so we have to convert the other currencies into cash. The usual way to do this is a job, where an employer pays you in Money for the Time that you put in. If you are unemployed then you need a to learn how to make money without a job.

You do this by using your Time to build your Knowledge and Reputation. These lead to Contacts and these lead to Money.

How to Make Money without a Job – How I Did It

I was an employee all my life, using my Time to earn Money. I was a teacher, then I worked in the security industry for six years. In 2010 I lost my job. At 57 years of age in post-2008 Ireland there was no way I was ever going to find another employer. My days of direct time-money conversions were over.

I spent 2000 euro on installing satellite broadband. Up to then I had not actually needed the Internet, but I realised that it was my only hope in terms of making a living. I considered that money as an investment in my future.

I Used My Time

We all have 24 hours of Time given to us every day; 24 hours more time that we can turn into more Knowledge. I stopped reading novels, stopped wasting my time looking for conventional jobs and taught myself about how to make money by writing online.

I found a site that allowed me to earn money from ads placed around my articles ( I wrote a bunch of articles and spent a few hours every day in the InfoBarrel forum. I asked questions and I helped others where I could.

I Grew My Reputation

As I helped others my reputation grew. I found that the whole culture in the forum was unique. We helped each other and in the process helped the site to grow and our articles to rank higher in search results.

I Made Contacts

As my reputation grew, so did the number of people I could count as friends. These people would go out of their way to help each other. We only talked on the forum with the occasional email, but we were and are friends. If we didn’t live so far apart we would call in to one another.

Contacts Offered Me Jobs

People I knew on the forum offered me paid jobs, ranging from writing 1,000 Halloween costume descriptions to writing 800 articles a month, every month.

Time – Knowledge – Reputation – Contacts – Money

When people ask me how to make money without a job, I tell them about the 5 Currencies. It has worked for me on more than one occasion online, and I see it at work every day in the real world, too.

Starting a Beauty Business at Home

Starting a beauty business at home is one way that you can earn money doing what you enjoy and providing a service that others appreciate. There is an increasing demand for beauty therapy treatments from women of all ages. Many women prefer the individual attention that they get from a home beauty business. They know they will always see the same beautician

Essentials to Starting a Beauty Business at Home


You are providing personal and intimate services and things can go wrong. Clients might develop an allergic reaction to the wax you use and you could end up with massive medical bills to cover. Operating without insurance is not a serious option.

You will find  companies that offer specialist insurance with a simple web search. You will need to attend training sessions for the products that you intend to use. This is the only way you will find an insurance company that will cover you.


You need experience in a beauty salon. No amount of book-learning or website browsing can replace the hands-on training that you get with clients. You might be considered an expert by your sisters, but that is not the same as working with paying clients.

Legal Advice

Anyone starting a beauty business at home needs to get legal advice. Your legal adviser will help you to prepare forms that you need  clients to sign before starting any treatments. He will help you with all the small details of setting up a business and will probably put you in touch with an accountant.

Practicalities to Setting Up Your Home Beauty Business

Your Roomstarting a beauty business at home - back massage

You will need one room that you dedicate to your business. Starting a beauty business at home without a dedicated room is foolish. It is unprofessional and will do nothing for your business reputation.

Ideally you need a separate entrance, and certainly you do not want your clients walking through your living space. A bathroom just for your clients is also desirable.

Your room should be decorated in calming colors such as pale green or turquoise. You can increase the calm atmosphere by using a suitable music selection, too. Use an auto-change CD player or an MP3 system to avoid interruptions. Fit extra sound insulation if you need to. The last thing you need is the sound of traffic, children playing or phones ringing.

Buy the best quality beautician’s table you can find. You can buy used tables at the start of summer, when local college beauty therapy courses finish. The table need to be at a comfortable height for you to work at. You can dress it up with linen, but the height is usually fixed.

Your Family

You need to train your children never to interrupt you when you are with a client. They also need to be quiet when you are working. Having young children makes the privacy impossible unless your partner is around to look after them.

Marketing Your Home Beauty Business

You will find most of your clients from word of mouth recommendations. Set up a Facebook business page and offer discounts and special offers on there. Print business cards and always give your clients a few to pass on to their friends. You could write the client’s name on the back and offer a discount if they recommend friends.
Take part in local charity events wearing tee-shirts that promote your business. Put a promotional message on your car windows or ask your family to wear sweatshirts with your business logo. There are many low-cost ways you can spread the word about your business.

Is it for You?

Starting a beauty business at home does require some investment. There is no getting around that fact. Your main asset is yourself. If you are the sort of person who women can relate to then you will do well. If you have a friendly, but professional manner that puts clients at ease then they will come back.

Beauty Therapy Qualifications

Start a Backyard Nursery Business – 2000% Profit

Anyone with an ordinary-sized back yard can start a backyard nursery business for next to nothing. This is not a cash tomorrow business, but a cash next year one.

Start a Backyard Nursery Business in 100 Square Yards

You might think you need acres and acres to start a backyard nursery business – Not so. You will not be employing anyone, so you only need to grow and sell enough plants to pay your own wages. The secret is to focus on high profit plants and shrubs rather than bedding plants.Start a backyard nursery business - tree seedling and coins

Planning Ahead

You will be growing most of your shrubs, plants and trees from seed or cuttings. This takes time. Two year old plants will be attractive to customers, one year old plants will sell, but for much less. This means that you have a two year wait from planting to selling. The moral? Start planting today.

Bedding Plants

Bedding plants are what most people think of when they are looking to start a backyard nursery business, but they don’t work. Yes, you can raise bedding plants, but you must have a poly-tunnel because you need to have them ready to sell early in the season. They are labor-intensive and the big garden centers and discount stores buy their stock in from China. You cannot compete.

What to Grow

Take cuttings from the shrubs in your yard and stick them in the ground. That is your stock; your cost is zero. Honeysuckle, berberis, cotoneaster, dog wood and potentilla are all very easy to grow from cuttings and all are popular with gardeners

Buy tree seeds from specialist nurseries; pussy willow is a big hit with buyers and is really easy to grow from seed.

Buy seeds for bamboo, pampas grass and other ornamental grasses. These grow very quickly and sell for good prices.

Grow perennials like hostas in the ground. Split your clumps, grow them on and sell the large plants in early summer when they are in their prime.

Grow fruit bushes like blackcurrants and raspberries. All you have to do is to stick your prunings into the ground, they will root and be ready to fruit in three years’ time. Strawberries are also very easy to propagate and sell for a dollar each in small pots in spring.

Start a backyard nursery business - young plants growingHow to Grow Your Plants

Plants in pots need regular watering, so grow your plants in the ground until the season before you sell them. You can dig up your shrubs, grasses and trees in fall, put them into large plastic pots or even black polythene pots and sell them in the spring.

Grow your plants close together to keep weeds down. Raised beds make things easier in terms of plant management and are simple to construct.

You will need a working area with a potting bench, compost and top soil. You will also need compost bins to recycle all the plant waste that your business generates. Most of your plant pots can be stored outside, but your sowing compost needs to be protected from the rain or all its nutrients will be washed out of it.


For the first year, even two years you will be laying out cash for soil, compost and seed. Be sure to keep all receipts and proper accounts, so that you can put these into your tax return when profits start to come in. You do not need to pay an accountant because your outlays are so few and are simple to keep track of.


You will need to tell people about your new business. That means you need a website and business cards. You can get a website up and running for $75, all in. If setting up a site is stopping you then I can do all the techie things for you without any charge. All you have to do is to buy your site hosting through my referral link. Find out more about free website setup here.

Tree and Coin image courtesy of twobee /


Online Jobs You Can Do from Home Today

There are dozens of online jobs you can do from home today. You never need to pay out money to anyone, all are true self-employment ideas that you can turn into a job that pays you a living wage.

Honest to Goodness Online Jobs You Can Do from Home

Sometimes people are overly negative about earning money online. There are honest jobs that you can do online much more easily than you can do off-line. Stay away from all the MLM and Internet marketing hype and you can earn a good living from a real job that provides a real service. The only requirements are a computer and an Internet connection. If you are serious about success then you also need a dedicated room to use as a home office.

WriterOnline jobs you can do from home - writing

There are many ways to earn a living as a writer. This is one of the classic online jobs you can do from home today.

There are freelancing opportunities such as or as well as opportunities to write for your own portfolio at revenue-sharing sites like This is the most common way that people earn money online from home.

Read more about how to make money writing online content.


Most bloggers do not make money, and this is not an easy path. Most writers set up a blog as a long-term plan that runs alongside their day to day earnings plan. Setting up a blog can be done for free, but it is better to pay for hosting and to get a proper domain name, this will cost you about $80 a year, so it won’t break the bank.


Anyone who writes quickly makes mistakes, writing jobs pay poorly, so people type quickly and their work always needs editing. The companies who commission articles also outsource the editing. You need perfect written English and you need to be a native UK or US English speaker. It is just a matter of making contacts.

Read more about how to set up a proofreading and editing service.

Online jobs you can do from home - graphic designerGraphic Designer

Websites are visual and site-owners need graphics. If you can provide what is needed at a reasonable cost then you do not need paper qualifications.

If you can use industry standard software like Photoshop then this is something that you can start now and have work in a few hours’ time.

Website Designer

This is one of the obvious online jobs you can do from home, but there is massive competition from designers in developing countries who can work for a fraction of the US or UK wage because their living costs are so low. If you have web design skills then offer them, but this is best done as a sideline to your main business.


There are ways to make money with photographs, but to sell pics to the big photo websites they need to be professional quality. These sites have so many people sending them photos that they can afford to be very choosy.


There are sites where you can be paid 5o cents to complete a very simple task. It is hard to make a living with these sites, but it is an option that will make you money if you are struggling with some of the more profitable ideas here.

The sort of jobs include writing 25 word product descriptions, reading blog posts and leaving a comment, photo tagging and data cleanup tasks. Amazon’s Mechanical Turk program is one of the largest micro-working sites.

Virtual Assistant (VA)

Most people cannot afford a real-life assistant, but can afford a virtual one. A virtual assistant is one of those online jobs you can do from home today, as long as you have broadband Internet, excellent English and Microsoft Office on your computer you will find work on oDesk and similar sites.

Your work will often involve writing, editing and posting blog posts, so it helps if you are familiar with the WordPress interface. You are only paid for the hours you work and you do need to be available when your employer is online, so working across multiple time zones is difficult.


One to one tuition used to mean going to your students’ homes, a time consuming and expensive process. Now Google Hangouts allow you to work from home. There are other video-conferencing options available, too. Payment can be arranged through PayPal, which allows you to accept credit card payments, too.

Marketing is the biggie here. You can use your traditional off-line marketing methods, alongside your own website to attract clients. Teaching groups of students is harder work, but earns you more per hour.


The Internet is international and web users speak every language there is. Automatic translation software is a joke. If someone has top quality content that they want to present to someone in another  language then they have to pay a translator to do it. The job pays well, but you are limited to what one person can earn per hour because sub-contracting does not work well in this field.

Social Media GuruOnline jobs you can do from home - social media guru

If you know your way around Twitter, Facebook, StumbleUpon and all the rest then you can make a job out of it. Many bloggers and businesses do not want to do their own tweeting and are happy to pay someone to do it.

There is a knack to engaging with people through social media and not everyone has it.

Search Engine Evaluator

You can work for Google, Bing or Yahoo from home, testing search engine results for relevancy and quality. All the big search engines use computers to rank sites in their results, but they need to check how humans see sites as well. The pay is around $15 an hour, so you are not going to get rich, but your only expenses are your electricity and your broadband bill.

Virtual Juror

There are sites that pay you to evaluate written submissions in real life cases that have yet to come to court. The verdicts are used to negotiate out of court settlements. In some cases the virtual verdict helps attorneys to decide whether to proceed with the case.

Pay is roughly $10 an hour and this is never going to be a full-time job because in most areas you will only average one case each week.

Website Testing

You can earn around $30 an hour test-driving websites. This is open to people in the USA, UK and Canada. Website developers pay a company to recruit real people to test out their website. Your activity on their site is recorded and you speak into a microphone as you browse to record your verbal impressions. Each site pays around $10 and takes 15-20 minutes.


Whatever job you plan to do you will need a website if you are ever to get away from working for cheap freelancing sites. There are three parts to getting a website; buying a domain name, buying hosting and setting it all up. If you buy your domain name and hosting through my referral link I will set it up for you for free. Click this link to find out more about free website setup.

That’s It

Most of these are potential full time online jobs you can do from home. All are real jobs and pay real money.

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