Time/Money Conversion

The 5 Currencies Secret

June 20, 2015Time/Money Conversion

I have been working according to the 5 Currencies principles since I discovered them in 2011. The 5 Currencies are; Time, Knowledge, Reputation, Contacts and Money The main principle is that when you invest your Time building your Knowledge, Reputation and Contacts, the Money comes in without ever going looking for it. This has worked […]

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Brainstorming Heaven – The Power of the Village in Everything You Do

March 12, 2015Time/Money Conversion

I have great ideas, but not as many as a village can generate. Everyone in the Internet village is busy on their own stuff. We are all locked inside our own heads with only our fingers to communicate. Where is Internet heaven? Where do even the busiest people find the time for a few words? […]

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Automate Your Day – Gain an Extra Hour

January 5, 2015Time/Money Conversion

Effective time management is very key in my life.  It is right up there with the importance of quality.  While I recognise that it is not a top priority for everyone, it seems that some time management is helpful even in the most basic of situations and lifestyles. The Process Understanding where “process” plays into […]

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The Secret to Business Success – 4 Ideas More Important than Money

September 7, 2013Time/Money Conversion
The power of a smile

Are you in business to make money? Most of us are. Do you spend all your time thinking up new ways to make money? Stop! There’s a better way. Money is the final stage in a process whereby you have to find a need and come up with a a way to satisfy it. Idea […]

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Planning Time – An Essential Skill for Entrepreneurs

May 29, 2013Time/Money Conversion
Using Money to buy time

It is not just students who are poor at planning time. Most adults are pretty bad at it too. If you are working for yourself then time management skills are something you will have to develop. Not All Time Is Created Equal We all have certain times of the day when we are most efficient. […]

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Building Relationships in Business

May 15, 2013Time/Money Conversion
twin men

People are important to any business because it is people who employ you. Building relationships in business is absolutely essential to success. Without relationships you have no business. If you live alone on a desert island then you have no need to cultivate your business relationships; you would have no need to build business contacts. […]

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Reputation Management – The Key to Success

April 29, 2013Time/Money Conversion
reputation management - unhappy customer

Reputation – Guard it with your life. Your life, friends, contacts, income all depend on your rep. Reputation management is essential. It is more important now than ever before.  Large companies employ staff to watch over their precious reputation. That gives you some idea of how much financial value is attached to it. Reputation Management […]

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Individual Knowledge – Understand What You Have

April 16, 2013Time/Money Conversion
individual knowledge

In this Internet age people often say that unique, individual knowledge does not exist any more because everything is accessible on the Internet. It’s not – and here’s why. Information Vs. Knowledge Most of what you will find online is information, facts rather than knowledge. Knowledge is the processing of information and putting it all […]

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Trading Time for Money – How to Do It Better

April 15, 2013Time/Money Conversion
trading time for money - make money online

Most people spend their lives trading time for money in a job. Most of us spend our lives looking for a job that gives us a better time:money conversion rate. If you hate your job you will have been tempted by all those emails about how you can get rich using the Internet. Forget them: […]

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How to Make Money without a Job – New Thinking

April 12, 2013Time/Money Conversion
How to make money without a job - Use your time properly

Money makes the world go round, but there are 4 other currencies that are even more important than money. You need to get your head around this idea if you want to learn how to make money without a job. The 5 Currencies   Time Knowledge Reputation Contacts Money We all need Money to pay […]

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