Domestic House Cleaning Jobs – Starting Your Own Business

Domestic house cleaning jobs are available in every town and city in the country. This is a job that anyone can do, male or female, old or young.

Setting Up Your Domestic House Cleaning Jobs Service

House cleaning does not pay well. If you are working on your own, by yourself, then you are never going to make a comfortable living from your business. You need to employ other people and to establish a reputation if you are to succeed.

Employing other people is a big commitment that many people who are just starting a business are reluctant to commit to. It is best to test the waters first.Domestic House Cleaning Jobs - cleaner with van

  • Advertize your house cleaning services
  • Be prepared to do the domestic house cleaning jobs yourself
  • Call on family members to help if you have enough business
  • Advertize for employees

Legal Stuff

If you are employing people then you need an accountant and an attorney. Do not try to manage without these two professionals or your domestic house cleaning jobs service will die an early death.


The accountant will make your payroll tasks manageable. He will advise whether or when you should form a company and help with taxes. If you try to do all this yourself then your energies and time will be diverted away from the day to day tasks of growing your business.


The attorney will advise on contracts and conditions of employment. It is his job to keep you in compliance with all local laws. Having an attorney on board with your business will save you money and stress in the long run.

Marketing Your Services

Your prime marketing method is the lettering on the side of your van. You must have a van. Buy a used one because your customers do not want to see you getting rich from what they are paying you. Choose a white van and always keep it perfectly clean because nobody will pay you to do domestic house cleaning jobs if you cannot even keep your van clean.

Buy business cards, with personalized ones for each employee. Have your employees leave one of their cards every time they do a job. This encourages accountability.

Quality Control

Your business depends on how good a job your employees do and how honest they are. You need to keep a check on every employee. Set up test jobs with friends, where you offer to clean their home for free. Get the house key in advance and check what needs to be done. Leave money in a few obvious and hidden places. When your employee has finished, go back and check on how well the cleaning was done and that your money is still where you left it.

Getting people to pass on your name to friends and neighbors depends on your company reputation. Look after it, because once lost, you can never get it back.

Having an attorney

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