The professionals always tell us that we should all have three months of salary saved up for emergencies. Have you ever managed it? I never have, even when I had a day job. The only time I ever had more
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Emergency Money – How Would You Make £5,000 in 30 Days without Selling Your Mother?

Sunday, 19 October, 2014

in Business Planning

The professionals always tell us that we should all have three months of salary saved up for emergencies. Have you ever managed it? I never have, even when I had a day job.

The only time I ever had more money coming in than was going out was for a few months as an online writer, when I had so much work that I had no time to spend the payments I was receiving.

I thought about this and came up with the following possibilities:

  • Sell stuff on eBay – I don’t have a lot of things people would pay for but I could find £2,000 worth
  • Sell my car – It is a 12 year old Fiat Punto – £200
  • Hire myself out as a writer – I have the contacts who would give me work – £2,000
  • Give private tuition – I am a science teacher and have done a lot of private tuition – £300
  • Run a course locally showing how businesses can set up their own websites – £500

Done it, I found £5,000 but I now have no car, TV or computer because I had to sell them.

Other Ideas

I talk to a lot of people at and four people responded with their ideas. I would like to thank Anna Fox, Jessy Troy, Danny Garcia and Jeevan Jacob John for taking the time to share your ideas.

Anna Fox referred me to Rob Cubbon’s blog post on the passive income he makes which is impressive, and gave me ideas for the next 12 months, but passive income is not instant cash. It takes a while to develop your passive income streams.

Jeevan Jacob John said he would offer online services such as setting up websites and writing content for bloggers. He would use his network of contacts to find work, illustrating the importance of building up your network sooner rather than later.

Danny Garcia suggested selling a kidney and praying for a miracle. He also made the good point that you should never have got yourself into the position of needing so much money so urgently.

Jessy Troy has what I think is the best idea and one I will be implementing immediately. Most business blogs are dead in the water, with no regular updates, social media presence or search engine rankings. Offer package deals costing around £400 per month that include basic on-page optimisation, content and visitors from social media. You can use to generate the social interest. This business model has the bonus that it will also give you a regular income stream.

Using These Ideas

The main point is that there are ways to earn money quickly. You can avoid spending a fortune on software and resources and can just apply a bit of common sense to generate multiple income streams that will get you out of a tight spot AND prevent you ever being in the same situation again.

Your Turn

How would you find an extra five grand without resorting to borrowing or criminality? Please share your plan below; it might inspire others.


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1 danny October 19, 2014 at 09:46

Hello Phil,

Thought I’d drop by and provide a little context to “my statement” above. I think I sounded a little mean in the paraphrase. Thanks!


$5000 is a hefty amount…

Considering that yesterday I saw this statement posted by Sitepoint

The reality is I doubt this is possible. But be that as it may, I’ll try to answer the questions you’re searching for.

It depends on what the money is for really. If the need is medical in nature, then we have what we call here as “kapit-patalim” kinds of solutions. Translated that means “holding on to a blade”.

Not really solutions but you know….

Some of the more offbeat solutions I’ve heard are the following:

Sell your organs – horrible, dastardly, quite dangerous and silly, sometimes I hear of this rumor every now and then. I think I’ve also seen it in a popular comedy cartoon.

Sell your blog on Flippa – again, not quite what we’re looking for, but having gone on Flippa and seeing the price of some of the websites and blogs being sold there, I think it’s possible. Especially if your blog is pulling in some serious traffic and Google love.

Look around the house – then get rid of all the things that you don’t need. A garage sale might net you a few additional dollars that you might use. Who knows maybe you have a collector’s coin over there back from the ancient times. Put it on auction on eBay or contact appraisers and collectors.

Lastly, pray for a miracle.

I know how this may sound for many people who have lost their faith or who had no faith in the beginning. Feel free to not include this if you will, but from what I’ve learned in life, sometimes prayer works. But to those who believe in God, let me just add that He is not a magic genie who will grant you your every wish. Praying for something in fact, re-aligns our heads about our lives and does not guarantee that our whims will be given.

At the most practical level, what prayer does is it opens up your mind to yourself, to your relationship with others, to your purpose and if you can discern it – God’s purpose for you. It threshes out the things in life that we put on ourselves by desiring material objects.

Most people don’t need $5,000 for their daily lives. The people who need this often have this due to a problem – medical, unpaid loans or legal trouble.

But assuming that you don’t have any of those and you just want to have a vacation, again, praying just offers some perspective and inner peace that may be wrecking some havoc in our souls.

God bless whoever will read this and I pray that this will resolve whatever is coming their way.


2 Phil October 20, 2014 at 06:34

Hey Danny
I paraphrased your input for article balance, sorry if it changed the meaning of what you intended. I am happy to include everything here in the comments. Thanks, I really appreciate your thoughts


3 Rob Cubbon October 21, 2014 at 03:45

Hello, I’m not really sure of the context of the article but I would always encourage people to follow their dreams rather than not so I wouldn’t set yourself the target of $5000 in one month in the first place. I know this was only an arbitrary amount for the sake of an article.

The object of business, in my opinion, is not to make money fast but to create assets that make money and that increase over a period of time.

I think everyone knows the amount of a money cushion they need to go it alone as it depends on their age, marital status, dependents, etc. And, to go it alone, I would advise people to work in the evenings and weekends on their side business, and make money with it, before they can use that as a bit of a cushion for when they stop work.

Also, living minimally so you don’t need much money also helps. In certain parts of the world you can live for $500/month easily.

Thank you for mentioning my income reports (again they are about earning a steady stream of passive income rather than making $5000 in one month – it’s $5000 a month and, hopefully, increasing the next month).


4 Phil October 21, 2014 at 05:41

Hey Rob
Thanks for taking the time to comment here, I appreciate it.
I was impressed by your honesty in your income reports. They show people what it is possible to achieve with hard work.
I agree totally about the gradual transition away from the day job and setting up your own business part-time as an additional income source; that’s what I did. I now need to concentrate more on the passive income side, because that way my income will be more secure.


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