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How To Plant The Seeds of Success For Your Landscaping Business — Time Money Problem

How To Plant The Seeds of Success For Your Landscaping Business

Friday, 21 June, 2013

in Real World Jobs

With summer fast approaching many people are looking to escape the confines of work and other stressful factors, to enjoy some peace and tranquillity in their own back garden. These warm summer months provide the perfect opportunity for all landscape gardeners, established or budding, to increase their client pool, bring joy to many people.


However, with the sheer number of companies all vying for a client’s business, it can often be difficult to stand out from the crowd. So, what can you do to improve your brand image, attracting a client to use your services in the process?

Get Your Name out There

When looking for new clients, the important thing to do is get your name out there. The more people who are aware of the services you offer, the more likely you are actually going to get some business. This means promoting yourself by getting your name in telephone directories and producing flyers.

Also, one of the best things to do to get the ball rolling is to inform all of your friends and family about your new business. That way, if any of them run into someone who is considering carrying out work on their garden, they can tell them all about the business you provide and hopefully get you some work.

Professional Appearance

When working on a garden you are bound to get dirty, so you don’t want to be wearing your finest clothes, but you do want to be wearing something that is practical and projects professionalism. This usually comes in the form of a gardening coverall that is personalised with your brand, logo and other information related to your business.
Landscape gardener in overalls with hedge trimmer

While this would cost you some money creating the garment, the benefits it would provide in creating a professional appearance and improving your overall brand awareness make it a very worthwhile endeavour. For more information on how you can create your own branded gardening workwear click here.

Have A Website

You may think having a website isn’t any help to your landscaping company as you don’t sell a product online, but you will be surprised by how much it will actually benefit your business. Setting up a website for your business, not only provides a focal point of contact online, but makes you seem more trustworthy and established in the eyes of potential customers.


While these are positive factors, there is one particular reason to have a website that trumps all of these and that is a portfolio.

The best way to attract new customers is for them to actually see work you have previously done. While you can’t drag people round the various properties you have worked on to show them what you have done, you can place them all online for people to see. This means that without leaving the comfort of their homes, potential customers can see everything you have ever worked on. The more they see, the more experienced and capable you look.

Rather than just showing images of the landscaping you have done on various gardens, you could also try creating a number of videos, taking potential customers on a virtual tour around a particular garden you have worked on. This allows them to feel like they are actually there, visualising how a particular path, gazebo or flowerbed would look in their own garden.

Use Social Media

Just like telling people through word of mouth about your landscaping services, social media provides a public platform for you to advertise your services but on a larger scale. In addition to setting up profile pages on Facebook and Twitter and then encouraging people to like and follow you, be sure to check out some of the local groups that people are part of.

Particularly within Facebook, there are a lot of community groups that advertise products and services for sale within a particular geographical area. Finding a group that relates to gardening and placing information regarding your services on there, allows you to promote yourself to a demographic that you know will be interested in what you have on offer.


Business Cards & Leaflets

Once you have completed a job for a client and provided them with the garden of their dreams, it is important to make sure they don’t forget about you. When providing them with the invoice for payment, you may want to include a business card or promotional leaflet for them to keep. That way, when it comes to them wanting to have some more work carried out on their garden, your name will be one at the top of their list.

All of these ideas will help you not only get your landscaping business off the ground, while also helping to give an established business a bit of a boost.

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