Yard Work Jobs – How to Set Yourself Up

Yard work jobs are always there, 365 days of the year. This is not just a summer job, though there is more to do over the summer. People need their leaves swept up in October, their snow cleared in January and new shrubs planted in March. Yard work jobs are about much more than cutting the lawn.

Yard Work Jobs – Getting Started

Almost every area can provide work for a gardener. Keeping a yard tidy is time-consuming and not something that everyone enjoys doing. Most people enjoy looking at their yard, but do not want all the work involved in keeping it looking beautiful.

This is your opportunity, as long as you are prepared to get dirty and to work in all weathers. Young people often offer a lawn-mowing service over the summer to try to earn pocket money, but to make a job of it and provide a secure income you need to be willing to work all year round.

Tools You Need to Have

  • lawnmower
  • strimmer
  • rake
  • grass rake
  • garden spade
  • garden fork
  • shovel
  • Dutch hoe
  • sheers
  • pruners
  • pruning saw
  • brush
  • trowel

Even basic yard work jobs will need these tools. There are other tools you can add at a later date like hedge trimmers, a chain saw and a leaf blower. These are all more expensive so wait until you have a  definite need for them before laying out the cash.

mowing the lawnMarketing

Once people see you are offering a yard work service your phone will be hopping. It’s just getting the word out there in the first place.

Yard work jobs do not pay well, so you need to keep a tight lid on your marketing spend. Start by printing flyers on colored paper, include photos showing you doing various jobs because a picture really is worth a thousand words and you will get a better response with images than just with a text-only flyer. Walk around your target neighborhood and deliver your flyers to every home and business.

Real world jobs, yard work in the orchard

Make up a plywood sign that you can stick in the ground wherever you are working. Just put your name, Yard Work and your phone number. If you have a trailer then attach advertizing boards to it in the same way. Do these ads carefully because you need to let people know that you are a clean and tidy worker.

 Work Diary

Hopefully you will soon be snowed under with yard work job for scores of clients. You need to set up a work diary to manage your different customers. This will help you to reduce travel time between jobs to the minimum and to ensure that you never miss an appointment. Total, 100% reliability is essential, because your aim is to establish a good reputation and repeat customers.


Gardener Girl In Orange Garden Stock Photo By Sura Nualpradid/freedigitalphotos.net

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