New Self Employment Ideas

The world is changing and there are always new self employment ideas emerging. People are busier than ever and many still have the money to pay someone to provide a personal service. Others will pay you to perform mundane tasks such as watering their plants when they are away.

11 New Self Employment Ideas

These ideas were not around ten years ago. The employment market is constantly changing as people’s needs change. There are two big factors generating new self employment ideas at the moment;

  • the aging populationnew self-employment ideas - pett sitting
  • increasing number of families where both parents work

Pet Sitter

Many pet owners are not happy about the idea of sending their family pet away for a week or longer while they are on vacation. Kennels and catteries may provide the basic essentials of life but pets come home traumatized.

Cats and dogs are sociable animals and are not happy if they are deprived of company and their familiar surroundings.

Read more about setting up a pet sitting business.


The best protection for a home is to have someone living in it. Many people are reluctant to leave their home unoccupied for weeks on end while they are away. This is where you come in by offering to live in their home, to do routine maintenance and generally keep an eye on the place.

Read about how to start a house sitting business in your home town.

Parcel Collector

Courier services and the Post Office are fond of leaving cards saying they are holding a parcel for you at their “local” depot. If both parents are out at work five days a week it can be very difficult finding time to go to collect the parcel. A local parcel collection service will save time and fuel costs involve in visiting the depot and many people will pay for his service.

Education Consultant

Choosing the right school and college can make the difference between success and failure. Parents look for help from people who are knowledgeable in all the local alternatives.

This is specialized knowledge that most people do not have access to. All that you need to do is to search for everything from test results to local staff appointments. It is the way you put this information together and compare features of different schools that will make your business a success.

Personalized Cards

Birthday and Christmas cards do not have to be the mass-produced in China variety. People will still pay for quality. You can set up a local business where you use your computer to design one-off cards for people. The costs are low, basically just printer supplies and margins are high.

Plant Watering & Maintenance

There are plant hire businesses available either as franchises or one-off companies, but these require a substantial investment. When people are going away in summer their plants will not survive without watering. You could offer a plant visiting service, or you could start a plant minding service where you take the plant away and look after it for a set period. You would need transport, ideally a small van, but that is your only expense. Many new self employment ideas require specialized knowledge or skills but this is one that anyone with green fingers can take self employment ideas - aerial photography

Aerial Photography

This is not so much a new self employment idea, but one that has become much more attractive with digital photography. People always love a framed photo of their home on the wall. You do not need your own plane because you can hire a plane and pilot for just a few hours.

There are heavier expenses to bear with this opportunity. The plane does not come cheap. You also need a good DSLR camera. Your photos will be blown up to 18 inches across, so they need to be perfect, a low cost camera will not produce shots that you can enlarge to this extent.

Event Planning

Social events like weddings, funerals and major anniversaries only happen very occasionally for the individual. This means that the individual does not have the necessary knowledge, contacts and skills to organize the occasion.

Corporate events is another field again, including team-building days, training days and conferences.

You can start as an event planner without any formal qualifications, all that is needed is common sense and a logical mindset. You will build up the contacts you need over time. It is best to specialize in one area at first and to establish a reputation by word of mouth recommendations.

 Conference Organizer

All you need to organize a conference is the Internet and a phone. You can either organize conferences off your own bat, or for third parties. Hotels charge a set fee, all you have to do is to find and pay speakers and publicize the conference to attract paying attendees.

Reiki Practitioner

Reiki is something that anyone can do, though you do need to undergo training. The training is very reasonable and is usually conducted by a Reiki Master in your own locality.

Reiki is an energy channeling system of healing that requires no “belief” for it to work. Your only costs are for a special table for your clients to lie on and marketing.


This is another traditional self-employment “job” where opportunities have increased one hundred fold with the Internet. Any artist can now market his or her work easily, either on third party sites or on his or her own website.

Ebay Middle Man

Lots of people hesitate about selling stuff on auction sites. It may be because they are not confident with the technology, or even because they do not know how to take a good photo. This is your opportunity to step in, help people and build a business at the same time. You can sign up as an ebay trading assistant through the ebay website. (This is number 12, a bonus idea)

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