Give Up the Day Job and Become a Writer – I Did and Here’s How

January 7, 2014Online Jobs
man in his 60s writing on his computer

In 2007 I had a steady job, bought a new house and just pottered away. In 2008 Lehmam Brothers crashed and the economy plummeted. In 2009 the writing was on the wall, the company I was working for was downsizing. In 2010 I lost my job. The Depression of 2008-2014 was the best thing that […]

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What Happens to Your Business when You Die?

December 16, 2013Business Planning
businessman planning

The only thing certain in life is that we all die. If you have not made plans for your business then it will die at the same time. Are you the only person with access to your clients? Are you the only one who really understands how the business works? Are you the only one […]

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The Great College Hoax – Why Are Teens Actively Discouraged from Making Jobs for Themselves?

November 12, 2013Making a Job
Young woman with her whole life ahead of her

More education is automatically seen as a good thing, but this is a scam, a hoax, a con trick. If education was free then the argument would be more convincing, but with the spiraling costs of even a first degree it really is time to think again. Do your son’s teachers just assume he is […]

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The Secret to Business Success – 4 Ideas More Important than Money

September 7, 2013Time/Money Conversion
The power of a smile

Are you in business to make money? Most of us are. Do you spend all your time thinking up new ways to make money? Stop! There’s a better way. Money is the final stage in a process whereby you have to find a need and come up with a a way to satisfy it. Idea […]

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Will Cash Flow Problems Kill Your Business, Too?

August 25, 2013Real World Jobs
money flowing from tap

Cash flow is about how much cash you can lay your hands on at any time. You may have made 200% profit on the goods you have supplied but it only affects your cash flow when you have the money in your hand. Cash flow problems kill many start-up businesses, particularly those that are selling […]

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I was an Internet Marketing Sucker

August 7, 2013Online Jobs
Internet Marketing

Are you tempted by all the Internet marketing emails and ads you see? I was, and I spent $2,000 in just one year chasing the dream. I am not proud of my stupidity but perhaps I can help you to avoid the same mistakes I made. What Is Internet Marketing? You have probably seen the […]

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Buying a Van for Your Business

July 29, 2013Online Jobs
advertising graphics on a van

You need a van, even if your business is an online one. A van gives you marketing space that people will see as you drive around. Why Does an Online Business Need a Van? Even online, people prefer to deal with local businesses where they can; a van with graphics establishes you as local and […]

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Reasons to Find a Partner in Your Business

July 27, 2013Online Jobs
Business partners growing together

Most people who start a business do so on their own. We all struggle to complete the scores of daily business-related tasks ourselves; and very often some tasks are only partially completed. We put off jobs that we know will be difficult until another day and sometimes we just never get around to doing them. […]

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Actions to Take When You Lose Your Job

July 18, 2013Real World Jobs
Man who has lost his job

How are you going to pay your bills? Will you find another job? Should you start your own business? Sometimes you know your redundancy is coming and you can start making changes while you still have a day job. Sometimes losing your job just comes as a nasty surprise, perhaps because your employer has gone […]

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Are You Serious about Working from Home? You NEED an Office

July 7, 2013Online Jobs
new home office

Do you work from an armchair? Or the dining room table? Do you find you forget things and find it hard to concentrate? It is very difficult to stay organised as a home worker unless you have a dedicated space, ideally a dedicated room. And by dedicated I mean dedicated to your work and exclusively […]

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