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Time Money Problem — Page 2

Actions to Take When You Lose Your Job

July 18, 2013 Real World Jobs
Man who has lost his job

How are you going to pay your bills? Will you find another job? Should you start your own business? Sometimes you know your redundancy is coming and you can start making changes while you still have a day job. Sometimes losing your job just comes as a nasty surprise, perhaps because your employer has gone […]

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Are You Serious about Working from Home? You NEED an Office

July 7, 2013 Online Jobs
new home office

Do you work from an armchair? Or the dining room table? Do you find you forget things and find it hard to concentrate? It is very difficult to stay organised as a home worker unless you have a dedicated space, ideally a dedicated room. And by dedicated I mean dedicated to your work and exclusively […]

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How to Set Up a Proofreading and Editing Service

June 30, 2013 Online Jobs
woman proofreading at her computer

Do you find errors on every web page you read? Do these errors make you cross? It seems as though 8 out of 10 pages have spelling and grammar mistakes that make me cringe. Eliminating these mistakes could double sales on an e-marketing site according to the BBC. There is a definite need for freelance […]

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How To Plant The Seeds of Success For Your Landscaping Business

June 21, 2013 Real World Jobs
female landscape gardener

With summer fast approaching many people are looking to escape the confines of work and other stressful factors, to enjoy some peace and tranquillity in their own back garden. These warm summer months provide the perfect opportunity for all landscape gardeners, established or budding, to increase their client pool, bring joy to many people.   […]

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Unemployment Anger – Understand It, Get over It and Move On

June 13, 2013 Real World Jobs
US unemployment color graphic

Unemployment is a fact of life. It is normal to be angry at first, but anger will destroy you if you allow it to. Anger is pointless and gets in the way of starting again. The sooner you get a grip on your negative feelings the sooner you will find a replacement income.   Understanding […]

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Accounts for Self-Employed People – Scary Stuff, but Necessary

June 5, 2013 Real World Jobs
business accounts

Accounts for the self employed are an unpleasant but essential chore. If you have accounts then you can argue with the IRS or HMRC, without them they will make an arbitrary assessment of what you owe, and it will not make pleasant reading. How Complex Do Self-Employed Accounts Need to Be? The tax authorities will […]

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Planning Time – An Essential Skill for Entrepreneurs

May 29, 2013 Time/Money Conversion
Using Money to buy time

It is not just students who are poor at planning time. Most adults are pretty bad at it too. If you are working for yourself then time management skills are something you will have to develop. Not All Time Is Created Equal We all have certain times of the day when we are most efficient. […]

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Start a 24 Hour Drain Cleaning Business

May 22, 2013 Real World Jobs
blocked drain

You can start your 24 hour drain cleaning business on a shoestring, with just a pile of drain rods. There is more to it than that, but drain rods will allow you to solve 90% of problems you come across. On Your Own or Franchise? Franchises are expensive to buy into and most people will […]

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Building Relationships in Business

May 15, 2013 Time/Money Conversion
twin men

People are important to any business because it is people who employ you. Building relationships in business is absolutely essential to success. Without relationships you have no business. If you live alone on a desert island then you have no need to cultivate your business relationships; you would have no need to build business contacts. […]

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Start a House Sitting Business in Your Home Town

May 5, 2013 Real World Jobs
local house sitting business

If you want to start a house sitting business you will have very low start up costs, but a very low growth rate for your business. You have several strategic decisions to make before you even start your business: Local, national or international? Are you going to employ others? What are you prepared to do? […]

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