Starting a Beauty Business at Home

Starting a beauty business at home is one way that you can earn money doing what you enjoy and providing a service that others appreciate. There is an increasing demand for beauty therapy treatments from women of all ages. Many women prefer the individual attention that they get from a home beauty business. They know they will always see the same beautician

Essentials to Starting a Beauty Business at Home


You are providing personal and intimate services and things can go wrong. Clients might develop an allergic reaction to the wax you use and you could end up with massive medical bills to cover. Operating without insurance is not a serious option.

You will findĀ  companies that offer specialist insurance with a simple web search. You will need to attend training sessions for the products that you intend to use. This is the only way you will find an insurance company that will cover you.


You need experience in a beauty salon. No amount of book-learning or website browsing can replace the hands-on training that you get with clients. You might be considered an expert by your sisters, but that is not the same as working with paying clients.

Legal Advice

Anyone starting a beauty business at home needs to get legal advice. Your legal adviser will help you to prepare forms that you needĀ  clients to sign before starting any treatments. He will help you with all the small details of setting up a business and will probably put you in touch with an accountant.

Practicalities to Setting Up Your Home Beauty Business

Your Roomstarting a beauty business at home - back massage

You will need one room that you dedicate to your business. Starting a beauty business at home without a dedicated room is foolish. It is unprofessional and will do nothing for your business reputation.

Ideally you need a separate entrance, and certainly you do not want your clients walking through your living space. A bathroom just for your clients is also desirable.

Your room should be decorated in calming colors such as pale green or turquoise. You can increase the calm atmosphere by using a suitable music selection, too. Use an auto-change CD player or an MP3 system to avoid interruptions. Fit extra sound insulation if you need to. The last thing you need is the sound of traffic, children playing or phones ringing.

Buy the best quality beautician’s table you can find. You can buy used tables at the start of summer, when local college beauty therapy courses finish. The table need to be at a comfortable height for you to work at. You can dress it up with linen, but the height is usually fixed.

Your Family

You need to train your children never to interrupt you when you are with a client. They also need to be quiet when you are working. Having young children makes the privacy impossible unless your partner is around to look after them.

Marketing Your Home Beauty Business

You will find most of your clients from word of mouth recommendations. Set up a Facebook business page and offer discounts and special offers on there. Print business cards and always give your clients a few to pass on to their friends. You could write the client’s name on the back and offer a discount if they recommend friends.
Take part in local charity events wearing tee-shirts that promote your business. Put a promotional message on your car windows or ask your family to wear sweatshirts with your business logo. There are many low-cost ways you can spread the word about your business.

Is it for You?

Starting a beauty business at home does require some investment. There is no getting around that fact. Your main asset is yourself. If you are the sort of person who women can relate to then you will do well. If you have a friendly, but professional manner that puts clients at ease then they will come back.

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