I have been working according to the 5 Currencies principles since I discovered them in 2011. The 5 Currencies are; Time, Knowledge, Reputation, Contacts and Money The main principle is that when you invest your Time building your Knowledge, Reputation
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The 5 Currencies Secret

Saturday, 20 June, 2015

in Time/Money Conversion

I have been working according to the 5 Currencies principles since I discovered them in 2011.

The 5 Currencies are; Time, Knowledge, Reputation, Contacts and Money

The main principle is that when you invest your Time building your Knowledge, Reputation and Contacts, the Money comes in without ever going looking for it.

This has worked for me and I asked friends over at MyBlogU.com whether the same logic applied to their online work as well.

People were asked to read these 2 posts on this site; Trading Time for Money and How to Make Money without a Job.

They were then asked to answer the question below.


A. David Leonhardt (President, THGM Writers)

My experience is similar to yours.  Helping other people with advice and ideas, and sharing other people’s posts on social media, have built me both contacts and a reputation.  Although a lot of my business comes through search engines, a lot also comes from people I network with and help whenever I can. And a lot comes from my own clients, either referrals or repeat business – first-hand reputation.

Of course, we use our time and knowledge in everything we do.  I can’t say I leverage money as well as I do the other four currencies.

A. Kari (Blogger And Writer)

This principle can be applied to so many areas of my online life, but as a freelance ghostwriter, it is very important.

For instance, I often write for iWriter, which is a site where you can buy articles or make money writing articles. The speed at which you can earn money is the main incentive there. The rates are not worth your time unless you are an elite writer and can pump out articles quickly.
I run a Facebook page for writers at iWriter, and I hear so many complaints from people who can’t find work and don’t make enough money. That’s where the principle works for me.

  1. In the beginning, I devoted a lot of time to writing articles.
  2. As I did that, I built up my knowledge that helped me avoid rejections and get content written quickly.
  3. That knowledge helped me build up my reputation on the site as an elite writer.
  4. Because of my reputation, I was contacted by a few different requesters for writing gigs.
  5. Many of those contacts still only use me for writing their articles, and others have contacted me for special eBook jobs that earned me a lot of money in a short amount of time.

A lot of people who complain on that Facebook page are not investing the time or building up their knowledge to improve their reputation and build contacts. The ones who do, find more success in the long run.

A. patriciaweber (Inspiring and supporting introverts and baby boomers)

I wevnt over to the blog post and posted a comment Phil:

Phil this is such sage advice. My guess is many of us only think of money as a currency so that is where our focus is. You’ve given 5 keys of mindset for me to ask myself if my “money” stream is trickling. It will be something to query, “How am I using my time? How would I rate my knowledge? Am I giving enough or too much? (your reputation currency?) Am I helping and seeking help within my contacts?” Valuable formula!

A. RolandasPT4U (London Personal Trainer)

The 5 Currencies principle has helped give me a different insight into both my own work and life, and also it has given me a fresh way to work with clients. Essentially if we step back and look at the principle very simple, it really means that if we are true to ourselves and take genuine pride in what we do, we will naturally want to apply this principle.

Taking myself as an example, I have spent many years and hours, learning to be a personal trainer. I have always been driven to gain more knowledge and experience. This in turn leads to clients wishing to refer other clients to me, as I have built a good reputation and this leads to more contacts.

What I like very much about the principle is that it can be applied to any field. These days because of social media and other online platforms, the speed we can build these areas has been greatly increased. For me, I have taken away from the 5 Currencies principle, that I can also apply it to clients, to encourage them to spent the time, gaining knowledge while they train with me. Also when a client gets results through personal training, they feel better in themselves, which can filter through to their self esteem, which could possibly help their reputation and contacts further down the line.

A. irishjackie (Founder of Catalonia Valencia)

Your 5 Currencies Principle has helped me because it has confirmed the process of my life over the last while. It is refreshing to see the way you have put these elements together.

Love – if you love yourself and those around you, plus your environment, I believe you will be in tune with what I like to refer to as Source. Source, for me, being that amazing connection we get with our own fluid creativity when it seems to flow through us. Of course there are people who may prefer to see this as the Divine, and while I have no problems with this, I know there are some who do.

Time – when we invest the time into acts that we do when connected with Source, we are using the time allocated to ourselves wisely. In other words, we are investing our time into becoming the best that we can.

Knowledge – as we thirst for knowledge and enjoy building it in the area/s that connect us to our Source, we are further strengthening who we truly are.

Reputation – most people care about their reputation. However we shouldn’t try to put on a nice face for the sake of it. We can build a genuinely good reputation by being our authentic selves. This will happen more and more when we connect to Source.

Contacts – I have made some wonderful contacts since I started blogging. I believe this has happened because I only write about the environment that I love here, and other areas that strike a true chord in my heart. For example creativity and authenticity. Although before reading your blogs, I hadn’t qualified my process like this, I can say that by applying the 5 Currencies I am attracting money. As the saying goes – if you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.

A. gm777 (Monetizer)

It’s a very smart approach to resource monetization.

Now I see that my time is much more valuable than money.

I think the money as a resource is overpriced in our society, but time is, contrarily, underpriced.

So, it’s better to buy time with money. As an example, you can outsource many tasks (in this way you exchange your money for time).

Another resource is knowledge. What I like in knowledge, when you sell it you don’t lose it.

And knowledge both underpriced and overpriced. You can buy it for low and sell for high.


Each contributor has spent the time reading and thinking about the 5 Currencies and I am grateful for their Time and Knowledge. Each input adds to my own understanding of this concept.

Your Input

Have you applied the 5 Currencies principles, perhaps without even thinking about it? Please use the comment facility below to describe your experiences.

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1 Deborah Anderson June 23, 2015 at 05:27

Hi Phil,

I heard about the 5 currencies from you 🙂

I have to say I haven’t studied it nearly as much as you, Phil, and I’d like to really dig in deeper. So, thanks for continuing to “preach it” and expose us to the value of understanding how the 5 currencies interrelate.



2 Phil May 19, 2017 at 13:09

Hey Deborah – I am agonised that I missed your comment – Thank you.

I can’t help but tell people about the 5 Currencies because the principle has been central to everything that has worked out for me.


3 Ryan Biddulph May 19, 2017 at 12:23

Hi Phil,

Brilliant! I love the money point. It sneaks in the back door when you focus your energy on the other currencies. If you are busy helping, learning, developing your skills, making friends by serving others and persist with these activities, the money finds you.

Perfect example; after my blog Twitter chat the other day – where I shared my blogging insights – I generated eBook sales. I was focused on serving. Nothing else. Money snuck in the back door.

Thanks for sharing 🙂



4 Phil May 19, 2017 at 13:11

Thanks Ryan
Yes, the 5 Currencies are everywhere once you become aware. I could see you sharing your Knowledge on that TW chat and growing your Reputation. I know I added you to my Contact list.
So many newbies to blogging focus on Money and blow it every time.


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